Status Update: Sigh.


am writing. I promise 😉

In fact, I’m in the middle of finishing a chapter.

Life has just sort of gotten in the way these last few weeks…and months…and I figured I should explain. First things first, I started a new full-time job at the end of October. Before that, I’d been working part-time, which really did give me lots of writing time in between shifts, until my part-time job became more of a full-time job without full-time benefits.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my new day job. It’s new and different and allows me to tap into skills I used as a teacher, but just didn’t want to use anymore as a teacher, if that makes any sense. It’s been a life adjustment, though, that’s for sure. Transitioning from retail hours to normal-people hours has been easy, at least in terms of my personal life, because I have weekends again. I can’t even tell you how life-altering weekends are when you go a full year without really having them. That old saying about not knowing what you’ve got ’til it’s gone is no joke. My author life, on the other hand, has taken a bit of a backseat since October.

Then, I got engaged in December. Talk about a serious life change. Everything suddenly became wedding, wedding, wedding. And then, my fiance and I bought a house, which we’re moving into at the end of April, and suddenly everything became house, house, house.

We’d previously had an accepted offer on a different house last June, which fell apart for reasons I’ll save for a different blog post because that in itself is worthy of a whole book. I think this one’ll take. We’re tentatively making moving plans and buying a few little things here and there (like the picture at the top), and now, that’s just yet another life distraction that’s been keeping me away from my author life for too long.

My point is this: I’ve been slacking, and I know it. I may have some legitimate excuses, but that’s still no real excuse for putting something so important to me on the back burner for so long. I’m going to knock it off and get my ass on my computer, okay?

I can’t wait to share True Love Way with you, and I’m getting ready to start posting teasers very soon. I’d like to get a little further along before I even think about setting a release date, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share little bits and pieces along the way, starting with a blurb.

 I’m working on a project that I’m passionate about, that I’m proud of, and that I’m excited about, and I won’t take that for granted. Thank you to everyone that’s continued to stick with me – to every blogger who continues to keep my books alive and to every reader who finds them. Hopefully, I’ll have something new for you very, very soon.

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