All of the Lights: Prologue

prologue pic

Here is an exclusive look at my new book, All of the Lightscoming this summer!

All of the Lights


March 19th

27 Years Ago

   She waits at the bench just like he told her to. Her eyes flick down to the postcard in her hand, his messy handwriting detailing this long-awaited meeting, and her stomach flutters in anticipation.

   The crisp, spring air rushes around her and she pulls her sweater closer around her shoulders, tucking some stray auburn hair behind her ear. Her eyes fall on the peaceful water in front of her and for the first time in too long, her lips lift into a smile. She’s happy again. She’s hopeful again.

   Things will be different, she tells herself. Nothing will get in their way because they have so much more to fight for this time. So much more at stake.

   She has to believe he’ll come. She has to believe he’ll tell her what she’s wanted to hear for years. She has to believe that all of their suffering, all of their pain, and all of their heartbreak wasn’t for nothing.

   The familiarity of this scene at Carson Beach spikes painful shards of hope in her chest that she just can’t shake. He’s always shown up. Always kept his promises.

   So she waits. And she waits. And she waits. Even when the sun’s rays color the water crimson and rust, she still waits.

   Finally, the postcard drifts to the ground and the wind catches it, twirling it away from the broken, defeated woman sobbing on the bench.


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