Finding Emma Blog Tour

Hey Everyone!

Today is the last day you can get Finding Emma for $2.99 to celebrate my blog tour! The price will change tomorrow, so make sure you grab your copy by the end of today.

The blog tour has been going great…lots of awesome reviews coming in and I’m so excited this book is resonating with you just as much as it has with me. Thanks to Mia at IndieSage for all her hard work at making this tour a success.
You can check out a few highlights from the tour here, here, and here.
Oh, and…some things are finally moving along with Carry You Home, the sequel to my first book, Carry Your Heart. I’ll have some more info for you about that on Monday as well as a special teaser on Tuesday for #TeaserTuesday.IMG_0027
And just for fun, if you’ve read Finding Emma you might already know who this is, but if you haven’t, let me introduce you to Oliver 😉 This picture was taken about two years ago when he decided to make my patio his new home.
Have a great weekend!


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