7 Days & Counting…

Hey Everyone!

We’re getting so close to the release date…it’s kinda scary, huh? No, exciting. That’s what I’m going with. I’m excited and I’m nervous (just because this is pretty huge for me, you know?).

I’ve recently gotten on the email subscription train and added a link at the top of my menu on my website. If you choose to subscribe, all I’ll use your email for is to give you updates on any upcoming events from books to promotions. That’s it! If you want to skip looking for the link on my website, you can just click here instead.

I’m also so excited to announce that I will be working with IndieSage PR for my book blitz on July 15 and my blog tour from Aug. 3-7. Mia over at IndieSage has been so helpful, and super-speedy, by the way, and I feel confident that I’m in great hands. We’re going to be doing a giveaway (free copy and gift card) for both events as well as excerpts, author interviews, teasers, and playlists.

Click here if you’re a blogger and want to sign for up for the events (or if you just want to see more info about the promotion).

Last but definitely not least, here are some new teasers for you to enjoy. I missed posting last week’s from Twitter here on my blog, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you get a double-dose of #TeaserTuesday today.


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